You are currently viewing Big Day out with The Bear – spearfishing off Port Shepstone, KZN
Big Day out with The Bear - Learning to Spearfish

Big Day out with The Bear – spearfishing off Port Shepstone, KZN

Big Day out with The Bear – spearfishing off Port Shepstone, KZN

Introduction: The Ultimate Extreme Activity and How to Start Safely

There is nothing much like gliding along over a reef, 20m down, weightless and in complete stealth mode. It’s pure primal hunting. People might have been shooting fish long before they shot land animals.

The density of the saltwater plays a factor in buoyancy, and movement underwater. It’s all in slow motion.

Until something happens!


When and how to jump in

Spearfishing is a somewhat dangerous and challenging activity. Even white sharks are way down on the list of possible problems. Nobody starts alone. And this is where the Bear comes in. He is willing to take you out there. And literally, show you the ropes.

But not before all the very many lectures about the very many situations that you can possibly get into trouble with. And what to do, and what not to do, each time. This is a long process. And the first few days will be jam-packed with this important stuff. That The Bear has learned over three decades of being out there in the blue.

Listen up!

You also got to be fit. Things can get a tad strenuous out there or down there. Swimming many lengths in a pool will probably be enough to get you started. Luckily swimming around the ocean keeps you fit, once you have got going. You also got to eat real good food. And the right liquids. Like…water.

Gear and Equipment Needed

Here in KZN Natal, you can get away with a surfing wetsuit. But ultimately, a proper two-piece 3 mm will make your life in the water a lot more comfortable. The Bear can hook you up. He has worked with Rob Allen and other suppliers – kitting guys out for a long time.

If you are in the Cape…well 4 mm minimum pal!

You’ll need a decent low volume mask for spearfishing. Don’t buy anything without guidance from The Bear. A strong snorkel. Weight belt. And fins. Long ones that can get you places. Buoy and float line. Stringer. Knife. And some less conventional items…like a black bin bag to put over your fish so sharks don’t get to them.

Guns are very exciting these days. Roller guns seem to be the ultimate weapon. Reel guns work great in certain situations but your risk losing it all on a really good fish. Simple rail guns are an old invention still going. Single elastic. Old school.

Long guns can be a hassle sometimes. But man they are more accurate. And the extra range puts you in the game in crystal clear water.

Let The Bear decide for you…

What are we gonna shoot

We are completely conservation-minded. And very selective in what we shoot. It’s not like fishing or netting. Where you just don’t know what you are gonna hook. No ways. Spearos always go for the bigger fish. That are harvestable.

There is a very high ethic level set amongst most spearfishing folk. In fact, some are even spear tagging fish, for research, these days.

Queen mackerel, the tastiest fish in the sea – are very high on the list. They are just the most fun fish to target as they only are found in the shallows behind the backline. And on the points an shallow reefs.

Garrick, also favour the surf zone and reefs out to about 10 m. These guys can surround you if you are lucky. And man can they put on a performance.

The ultimate shallow water fish, however, is the king mackerel. Reaching 2m and up to 50kgs or more, this is what you and your equipment need to prepare for. When you plug one of these things, and it takes off, your eyes will water with the speed.

In crayfish season, you can even go and tussle with those thorny but delicious things.

Conclusion: Have an Awesome Big Day Out Spearfishing With The Bear And Umzimkulu Adrenalin In Port Shepstone KZN

Yip! It’s all here and waiting for you. The boats are always good to go. The reefs are real close by. Even the infamous pinnacles of the Protea Banks are barely 5 miles from the launch.

Spearfishing and fishing paradise really…

We can also shore dive. And as we move into winter and the dry season, we can expect the water to clean up and invite us in.

“Buy the ticket…take the ride…” – Hunter S. Thompson

Accommodation, chow, boats, estuary, launch site, reefs…anything else we need?

Let me know! – Sean

About Umzimkulu Adrenalin

Umzimkulu Adrenalin, lives in Spillers House, right on the water, on the south bank of the Umzimkulu Estuary. Port Shepstone, KZN. The ‘south coast’, as we all call it, has some of the finest winter weather conditions on the planet. The ocean cleans up and polishes off with the winter offshores. And inversely, the water actually warms up, to be warmer than summer even!

We are right close to all the many beaches that feature on our YouTube Channel which can be accessed, for free, right here.

Our BnB accommodation is really nice, with en-suites, rooms, and even a dorm room for backpacker budget level fun. You can read all about the place, with pics, right here.

And we will be feeding you from our Egyptian themed menu. That you can order from right here.

Looking forward to hosting down here on the Hibiscus Coast.

Sardine season is coming up fast! This is how we patrol.

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