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Olive green water in the Kulu

Olive green water in the Kulu

Overnight. Literally, as we watched. The brown water that has prevailed for so long here in the Kulu, turned green. Olive green.

The reeds and mudbanks have come alive with fry and prawn. Every cast net gets a little bait. Some big prawns too!

And after last year’s flood debacle, we are all gonna make the most of this seemingly calm year.

So far anyway.

It’s been all about perch and koblets as the water cleared up. With the odd rock salmon in between.

We have a visiting angler here who is all about kayak fishing…stay tuned for some results!

Synopsis for SKZN

Garrick: yip, you are allowed to say Garrick at this stage of the game. Obviously, the spearos drew first blood. But it won’t be long before the early morning spinners get tight too. Early. Keyword. Early. Home before the sun comes up…that’s when you gonna get your Garrick.

Kob: have been here in the estuary, and in the shore break at some slots, for quite some time. Very small, this time of the year. The big ones will be moving into the shallows soon enough. The big ones.

Shad: some huge shad popping up all over. Bumper year so far for sugar pockets.

Stumpnose: also available at a rocky beach near you.

Wahoo: for the deep-sea divers and anglers, there are some monster wahoo around chasing bonito and other bait right now

Forthcoming Attractions

Are headlined by the SA National spearfishing champs. 7 to 15 May 2023. A collection of the very best of the very best. Two launches will be staged at Hibberdene. A few weather days. And a launch at Shelley Beach.

You can see the Boland team (staying with us at the Umzimkulu Marina) in action right here (please Like and Subscribe), as they learn the ropes of the Port Shepstone river mouth launch…

This comp promises to surprise onlookers as these incredibly well-prepared provincial teams hit the water. All sorts of new species and trophy fish can be expected at the weigh-ins each day. Nothing big though. The rules are strictly geared for conservation and the very careful selection of target species.

Sardine Run 2023

The 2023 Sardine Run is also just around the corner. Bringing with it more fun than can be imagined anywhere else in the world. Whales lead the charge as dolphins, sharks, turtles and the rest of the marine gang chase shoals of sardines right up the coastline. Sometimes as far as Zululand and beyond.

But the epi-centre has got to be the Kwazulu Southern Natal Coastline. Everything comes together along here.

Check out our accommodation options here in Port Shepstone at We have self-catering options right on the water. Where you can fish the vibrent estuary all day and night, safely from our jetties and secret fishing spots. We can also take you out chasing sardines and things at And we can help you rig up for your trophy fish at

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