You are currently viewing Baby Blacktip Kingfish vs Mullet in the shallows of the Umzimkulu
Blacktip Kingfish juvenile in the Umzimkulu Estuary

Baby Blacktip Kingfish vs Mullet in the shallows of the Umzimkulu

Baby Blacktip Kingfish vs Mullet in the shallows of the Umzimkulu

Baby Blacktip Kingfish vs Mullet in the shallows of the Umzimkulu: over the past two weeks or so, every time we go down to the jetty, the little fishies and prawns in the shallows go berserk with fear. Everyone seems to be on edge.

But just sit calmly and observe. And nature unfolds before your very eyes.

Luckily we got underwater cameras too! Enjoy the picture showdown…


Baby Blacktip Kingfish vs Mullet

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Wildlife at play

So there was a dark shadow from the boat, cast over half the tiny bay between the big boat and the jetty. This was the battlezone and this line was the frontline. The little mullet knew to stay in the light and in the shallows. Venture too close to the darkness, and BANG you are fishpaste.

For these cheeky little Blacktip Kingfish were conducting an endless barrage of assaults. Smash after smash it just keeps going on. Those little tiny mullet staying together for protection – safety in numbers.

A few perch do appear on the scene but they are soooo docile compared to the never-ending boisterous behaviour of the kingfish. BTW, there are so many if these little guys…and at about 100g per month growth rate, they gonna be eager takers of any lures you chuck at them in a few months time. Blacktip Kingfish are phenomenal fighters, even when small. On a fly rod, these little guys will keep you busy all day long.

Umzimkulu Adrenalin

We are ready to take you fishing. In the estuary, the surf, or out to sea. The estuary is in great shape so far this year. Which is said to be a dry one as we are subject to El Nino influences. We just need to remember, very clearly, that last year this time we were flooding. And the year before!

Luckily this year all those little kingfish, grunter, perch…etc, will have a chance to make up for the two lost years. Remember that since our callous deployment of agriculture over the human population boom (since the 50s here in KZN), we have destroyed 99% of our estuaries. Leaving but a handful left to do the work of all of them.

The Umzimkulu is the most important of these as it still services places like Protea Reef. And further downstream in the current – the entire Wild Coast.

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Let’s goooooooooooo!

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