You are currently viewing Radical River Mouth Surf Launch in Port Shepstone #Umzimkulu #River #Niteshift
Surf Launch in Port Shepstone

Radical River Mouth Surf Launch in Port Shepstone #Umzimkulu #River #Niteshift

Radical River Mouth Surf Launch in Port Shepstone #Umzimkulu #River #Niteshift

Radical River Mouth Surf Launch in Port Shepstone #Umzimkulu #River #Niteshift: Matt Wainwright brought along his highly capable DJI camera on this recent trip to sea with Brian Lange on the Niteshift.

This time around, Matt nails the perspectives and you really do feel as though you are part of the crew heading out through the surf zone.

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The El Nino dry spell we are currently experiencing has slowed the flow of the river somewhat. This makes for narrow channels and shallow sandbank.

The only way through on a day like this – with the tide already 2 hours out, is the full speed boogy.

“We might have to take one on the nose…”, says the skipper as the boat leaves the calm of the river and heads on out under the bridge.

Every launch at this place is different. And this was a good one. The Niteshift got up to speed early in the assault and stayed there right through the backline. If you wanted to learn something from this launch:

  1. speed is your main advantage in river mouth launches
  2. note the angle that the Niteshift dissects waves with (Niteshift is a catamaran hull boat).

Catamaran boats are especially suited to rivermouth launches. They have less draft and are inherently more stable. You do however need to avoid hitting a breaking wave square on. The result of an error like this sends you sky-high at a terribly steep angle. Drowning your engines on the way back down.

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