Banana Beach Rock n Surf with Eckhardt Potgieter


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Banana Beach Rock n Surf with Eckhardt Potgieter

Banana Beach Rock n Surf with Eckhardt Potgieter: growing up in amongst the rocks and gulleys all around Banana Beach gives Eckhardt a solid foundation for hunting fish here.


There are spectacular features along the Banana Beach strip. Gulleys, slabs, ledges and drop-offs. Even the odd cave!


Bronze bream are high on the menu! Along with brusher and steenbras.

Shad and garrick head up the gamefish charge. There are many places where you can get to the backline and beyond. Putting you within striking range of the free-jumping Natal Snoek that love the patchy backline reefs dotted along this illustrious piece of Southern Kwazulu Natal coastline.’


Gulley scratchers can double function as far-casters with a flick of a switch. They are essentially the same outfits – an 8 or 9 foot spinning rod with a  decent coffee grinder. That is well spooled with a 30 lb braid and some leader. This is all the tackle you need for fishing these waters. You may want to bring an ultra-light along.

And if you have a 9ft with 40 lb, dedicated to far casting – bring that too. There are no long distances to walk or cover, everything is right close. Three rods and a tackle bag will present no problem.

If you don’t have tackle, we have rigs to rent – at a reasonable fee.

You can also buy lures and traces directly from Eckhardt (your basic traces are covered for each trip included in the price, but not lures).

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