Single Strike



Single Strike

Single Strike: this package is designed for people living and Durban or surrounds. After work, on a pre-chosen day, head straight to us. Enjoy our Eqyptian cuisine restaurant with a dinner of your choice. Pit your instincts against our resident rock salmon for the rest of the evening. And spend the night upstairs over the water in our new guesthouse ( Early the next morning, coffee and a quick breakfast, and we are out there! Three or four hours of chasing gamefish with live bait and you are back on the wharf. Back to Durban (if we go early enough, you won’t even be late for work!).

It’s all on video

Well, some of it gets recorded. So much of the action doesn’t though!

Watch the following playlist to get the whole picture…

We do have a lot of camera equipment including trolling cams. But it ain’t that easy!

Especially when there’s a billfish jumping around the place!

The Port Captain restaurant

Will be spoiling you rotten with an Egyptian themed and flavoured menu that you can see right here.

Spillers House

Will be hosting you. Basic luxury. Hell views out over the Umzimkulu Estuary. Fish Eagles will wake you early.

The Sardine News

Never miss a sardine! Reports and video news compilations from all over southern Africa.


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