Umzimkulu Estuary with Eckhardt Potgieter


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Umzimkulu Estuary with Eckhardt Potgieter

Umzimkulu Estuary with Eckhardt Potgieter: this dude catches a lot of fish for his clients. It is always good to fish with other guides, to pick up and learn what you can.

Eckhardt has the same passion that we all do for estuary gamefish. And here in the Umzimkulu, Eckhardt has a few secret spots and tricks up his sleeve.

The fact that he makes his own range of handcrafted swimming lures also really helps the equation. Check out the Eckhardt Potgieter Bru Baits range by clicking right here.

The R120 quoted is per hour per person. A minimum of R900 applies. So if you are two up, that’s 4 hours of fishing equals R1060.


Bring your own. Or we can supply a rental rig at a small fee.

Rock salmon will smoke you so easily if you hook him on an ultra-light. You need at least 30 lbs to play at that level. The garrick and kingfish also play dirty and fight really strong. So, bring the ultra-light to catch bait and smallies with. But it would help if you had some tackle to be able to face off with some of the larger fish that swim in the estuary.

If you bring a fly-rod, you will receive VIP status for free immediately.


Poppers, swimmers, bucktails…bring your best. Or get directly from Eckhardt Potgieter. The MYDO Factory Shop is also on site.


Sardine head is the all-time winner. The smallies start eating at the guts, and this sends out dinner bell signals in all directions. The heavies come around, see the illegal gathering going on – and bang! They come and upset the party and disperse the crowd with a huge attack on the remaining head.

For more shy fish, like the grunter, we have the highly technical pencil bait. A long skinny juicy thing with a tiny hook in the business end. There are many ways to tie up a pencil bait – some folk even use a pencil to mould the bait onto. You can also use a piece of reed, or a little straight stick. The fish eats at the bait, but can’t quite get it in. So after a few pecks, he moves to the lethal end and gets some of the pencil bait down. Got him!

Live Bait

Little mullet, tiny silver breams and prawns. Rigged with wav-thread though the skin so as not to damage any vital organs like mouth or nose. All you need is a stout needle to pierce just under the skin, with which to tie the bait to the hook. Just like marlin fishing. Your bait performs and survives so much better when you take the time and effort to incentivise the bait. With some TLC!

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