You are currently viewing Bookings open for 2024 Sardine Run
Sardine Run 2024 Bookings are Open

Bookings open for 2024 Sardine Run

Bookings open for 2024 Sardine Run

Bookings open for 2024 Sardine Run: we have you completely covered for sardines this upcoming 2024. The last few years have been absolute cracker sardine seasons and this one looks to follow suit.

Aside from the huge shoals of lost sardines, there are whales (all sorts), dolphins (all kinds), turtles (all of ’em), seabirds (gazillions), sharks (the whole damn lot) and even seals and things. The fish go beserk, many dives produce a billfish sighting or two.

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We gonna be out to sea and in the mix – snorkelling with the shoals and all that they attract to them. This includes sharks and whales – both can be challenging and even slightly risky. And then the myriad of other species as mentioned above. It’s not compulsory that anyone has to jump in – but when the conditions are right, it’s exhilarating to be in there and in amongst it all. The water is super clean and even warm most of the time.

We also track and chase sardines by the coastal road. The old R102 meanders from beach to beach, bay to bay. Many of these spots are natural sardine traps and the tide encourages them right in shallow. And then when the tide goes back out, the shoals get themselves trapped inside. Stuck between the netters and the sharks!

Last year, some shoals even got so confused that they swam up a few open estuaries. They were in the Umzimkulu River, on the inside of the bridge, many times this last year. This is where we launch and hang out and is another ideal sardine trap.

Accommodation is at The Umzimkulu Marina, and is fully catered on this tour. Check it all out at…

We can only really take about 4 to 8 at a time so get your booking in early. Contact Sean on +27793269671 or email anytime. Group discounts are negotiable.

Check out our spearfishing websites at The Master Watermen and Diving Divas SA. Stay with us at the Umzimkulu Marina and Umzimkulu Adrenalin can get you out there on a more customised trip if you need it that way. We can handle film crews and equipment. Many years doing this.

You can follow the 2024 Sardine Run closely on The Sardine News. Each year, we have been actively validating sardine sightings. The ones that check out are then logged and posted. To The Sardine News. And then featured on an interactive sardine map that is updated with each sighting. Logged in time and place, and featuring the whole story. With pics and videos in some cases.

Check out past maps right here…

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