River Cruise



River Cruise

River cruise: a river cruise into nature, on the Umzimkulu River with us, is an unforgettable experience.

Wildlife abounds and an encounter with any of the following marine animals is possible, even likely;


  • fish eagles
  • crown eagles
  • osprey
  • terns


Green, loggerhead and leatherback are spotted often. All of the turtles that frequent our coastline come in here – to be rid of parasites. Using the freshwater of the upper estuary to do so. Turtle have been spotted 7kms upstream.


We have a colony of Cape Clawless Otters that think they own this estuary. That is however until the fish eagles strike. We have witnessed this twice and on both occasions, the fish eagles ate the otters up completely – through a low tide.

Recently a pair of teenage otters have been flaunting their safety and swimming totally out in the clear, in the daytime. I think one of them is gonna learn the hard way!

Zambezi Sharks

You will be very lucky to see a free-swimming Zambezi shark. And even luckier to be bitten by one. Only 4 people a year die from sharks biting them. Worldwide! Yet these magnificent fish are hated and hunted.

This we have got to stop!

The huge mommas (4m plus) that swim up into the river in flood times use the mighty Umzimkulu Estuary to give birth to 12 or 13 live pups each time. Who are ready to go, with teeth and all.


Yip, we often enough see these beautifully shy buck in the thick jungle as we drift down the river silently. They are very noise sensitive and shy.

Rock Hyrax

The closest relative to the elephant according to science, is also the rock python’s best food around here. I am going to hide the rock python section down here under the rock hyrax (aka dassie) section – since the sharks are often already enough to scare some people away.

Monitor Lizard

Looking just like a crocodile, these guys are firmly in the upper class of the estuary food chain. That is until the Zambezi’s find them. Zambezi’s love to eat monitor lizards and we found a half of one of them recently, that bled out on the rocks under the ghost house. It was bitten clean through!

The fish

The fish are always jumping and playing about. Switching between hunter and hunted all day (and night) long. The hard part is catching them. We deploy underwater cameras and our observations from in amongst anglers fishing, right when and where they are not catching, there are BIG fish swimming.

Apologies to anyone I left out!


Please use the Contact page to get in touch. Or use our WhatsApp button and we can communicate in real-time as we arrange your big day out.

We have card facilities, and we do take cash or EFT.

We require a minimum of R600 for this cruise to set sail. It is a one-hour long cruise. Please don’t be late!

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