Deep-sea game fishing (single)



Deep-sea game fishing

Deep-sea game fishing: when you time it right, the fishing on the KZN South Coast is phenomenal. And the further south you get from Durban, the more fun it is. Port Shepstone is in the perfect spot. And! It is the shortest ride to the continental shelf that anywhere in South Africa! The self causes the current to well up against it, bringing with it a myriad of organisms and bait from the depths to the surface. Where the gamefish lie in ambush.

And you don’t even have to go that far! There is Protea Reef along the way. A huge undersea mountain with incredibly cool features like vertical dropoffs and staunch pinnacles.

And even closer than that, are all the pristine backline reefs that scatter from Hibberdene down to here in Port Shepstone. this is where the big mackerel swim.And what the KZN lowersouth coast has become infamous for.

HUGE King Mackerel!

These backline reefs are the very far southern reaches that the couta population of Southern Africa frequent. They are here to spawn. And after they have spawned, they are hungry! Only one of these magnificent fish per person should be allowed. Per lifetime. We need to protect these fish!

Yellowfin Tuna

Protea Reef and surrounds is an established nursery for baby yellowfin tuna. When they reach 35kgs or so, they start becoming sexually mature and head out into the lanes. We encounter and catch one or two of these deliciously colourful tuna every now and then. We do not target them unless they tease us by jumping out the water where we can see them.


GTs. BIG ones. And yes, we let all of these guys go. With a tag in!


The marlin season has just started. November signals the beginning of the action for the coastline that stretches from Inhaca Island in Mozambique, to here.

Queen Mackerel

The little cousin of the king mackerel (aka couta), might just be the tastiest fish in the sea. And she likes it here at our river mouths and rocky points where she swims in the shallows only.


If the game fishing is slow, we can switch to bottom fishing for tasty little reds and the odd rockcod. We are a sustainable operation and you will not be allowed more than your bag limit. Size restrictions and all other laws apply.

Ok, use the Contact tab to get in touch, send a message with your WhatsApp number and we shall be in touch to work things out with you in real-time.

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