Sardine Run 2024 Daily



Sardine Run 2024 Daily

Sardine Run 2024 Daily: this is a new way of offering sardine run expeditions. The rate includes dinner upon arrival. Breakfast early. An Ocean Safari with drinks and snacks, with lunch when we return. Rinse. Repeat.

We run many packages throughout the year, but this specialist adventure focuses purely on the sardine run. This is variable with regards to dates as in some sardines even pitch up as early as April. And then some stay until December! It’s this unpredictable nature that makes the sardines elusive to most people. The only way to guarantee your sardine experience is to sign up with one of the formal operators and go out to meet the shoals, by boat. Our network is decades old, we have had sardine spies operating covertly for us all this time (we also operate The Sardine News – since 1987 btw), and we never miss a single sardine!

Watch a video of us spotting sardines in a Cessna 182 a few years back by clicking right over here. Opens in a new window. We have Margate airport 20 minutes away. This is where we can collect you too! Regular flights to and from Johannesburg direct.

One Day of Sardines

Enjoy a single day stay with us and experience the following:

  • a trip to sea with snacks and drinks
  • a trip by road
  • 2 nights accommodation (sharing – single supplement R1200)
  • 3 Square meals daily
  • Endless coffee, tea and cooldrinks

Check-in on Day 1 starts at 11 am. Checkout of rooms on the last morning is at 11 am. But you can hang around and you might even have one more trip to do on that day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

With drinks and snacks in between!

Idyllic Weather Conditions

Occur during the dry, or winter season, here on the south coast of KZN. Gentle offshore breezes brush the swells and the ocean smooth. The water is crystal clear. And warm as toast. Day after day of this bliss is interceded by the odd cold front. But these fronts bring the action and so we just lay low when they come blasting through every now and then.

Timing your adventure with us, during these calms between storms, is a great plan!

Ocean Safaris

The highlight of your life!

Dancing along to the gentle rhythm of the winter the swells and mingling with the ever-cheerful dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks…and sardines!

Road Trips

Sometimes the sardines come right into the shore break and even land on the dry beach as they get hoarded and pushed up against the shore by sharks and dolphins and things.

We have a beach buggy and 4wd good-to-go at all times. And our network is accurate and reliable.


The Umzimkulu Marina is where we are going to accommodate you. Right on the water. You will depart for the ocean each morning, from the jetty out the front of your chalet or unit.

Notes: Please bring sun protection, your wetsuit, mask and fins. The trips to sea can be as long as 6 hours so you need to be prepared.

Stay in tune with the sardine shoals this 2024 with The Sardine News. Since 1987, we have been keeping tabs on the slippery little fishies.


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