Ocean Safari (with exciting surf launch)


Ocean Safari out in the blue waters off Port Shepstone, KZN, South Africa – guaranteed adrenalin!


Ocean Safari (with exciting surf launch)

Ocean Safari: Port Shepstone is right close to the continental shelf. If you look at the map on Google, you can see just how close! Sometimes it can take only 15 or 20 minutes to get right out there to the whale migratory routes. And where there are whales, there is everything else!

The trip lasts 2 hours and we cover about 50 km as we adopt a search pattern that covers all the usual hot spots. Invariably ending up with a mellow snorkel in about 5m of water,across some picturesque and colourful reefs.

It is not compulsory to jump in, but it is highly recommended.


We have the annual sardine run each winter!

The Greatest Shoal on Earth, as Sir. Attenborough exclaims! So if you time it between April and November, and you join us on the ocean, you never know what might happen.


Team cetaceans bring along quite a few different dolphin species. Common dolphins are magnificently two-tone. Bottlenose guys are super friendly.


And Orcas were just here recently too! See this link. If we are lucky we might find a whale shark!

It is NOT compulsory to jump in with an Orca.


The team turtle bunch field their entire contingent too – these guys are just so much fun. Sometimes even approachable, But always entertaining with their human-like looks and expressions.


Humpbacks. Southern Right. Bryders. These guys are here in the wintertime. And yes, they do eat sardines!

Whale Shark

These guys can pop and give you the fright of your life, all over the wide oceans. They don’t eat sardines but are so hideously massive that if you are unprepared and you swim into one, your heart is gonna skip a few beats.

Manta Ray

The holy grail of the Ocean Safari, these monumental rays gracefully appear along our coastline too.


Yes, bring your own mask and fins and into the blue, we go. As well as the huge marine megafauna, there are also some beautiful and unspoilt backline reefs to bob around on. A wetsuit will keep you more comfortable.

The trip takes up to two hours and we do quite some mileage out there. Mostly at high speed!

Bring water and sun protection (dolphins hate suncream they told me)! If you have a wetsuit or rash vest, wear it. We have a few spares lying around here too.

And hold tight (wait ’till you experience the launch through the Umzimkulu River mouth)!

Discounts for groups!

Get in touch Sean on +27793269671 or umzimkulu@gmail.com.

Or use the Contact page or built-in WhatsApp.

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